Med Comms SIG

All members:


Co-chaired by Slavka Baronikova and Andrea Rossi.

Committee Members:

Andrea Bucceri and Thomas Schindler.

SIG Supporting Members:

  • Amanda Whereat-Terdjman   
  • John Gonzalez
  • Angelika Schedel
  • Lisa Chamberlain James
  • Art Gertel
  • Martin Delahunty
  • Aurélie Gobet
  • Miyuki Tauchi
  • Beatrix Doerr
  • Paolo Rega
  • Carola Krause
  • Satyen Shenoy
  • Catherine Hill
  • Silvia Soffia
  • Chris Winchester
  • Simon Linacre
  • Diarmuid De Faoite
  • Tim van Hartevelt

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MedComm SIG objectives:

The Medical Communications Special Interest Group (MedComm SIG) intends to support wide medical communication activities including scientific disclosure & publications, communication with the general public, and to act as a source of affordable and updated information.

Latest news and activities

Most recent activities, news items, or documents.

Predatory Publishing Seminar
by Peter Hornung - 48th EMWA Conference, Vienna - 8th May 2019


To date, the following working groups have been created:

Predatory journals and conferences

  • Members are S. Baronikova, A. Bucceri, J. Donnely and T. Schneider.
  • The AMWA-EMWA-ISMMP Joint Position Statement (JPS) on predatory publishing has been published and shared through social media and networking. Some activities, including
    • the preparation of a seminar, a webinar and related articles in MEW
    • the development of further educational materials
    • liaison with AMWA and ISMPP to maximize educational activities within these associations are ongoing in order to enlarge the JPS impact, knowledge and training.
    • The JPS has been translated to Italian and is available on the EMWA website.
    • Lectures on predatory congresses and update on predatory editors are under preparation for next EMWA congresses. 

    Plain language summaries for scientific publications: determination of usage/specification/reporting /benefits/reach

    • Members are: M. Delahunty, T. Schindler, A. Bucceri, L. Chamberlain-James
    • The activity of this group includes the identification and update of the best practices on writing for the patients and for other stakeholders, not being physicians, about scientific research but does not include any topic on writing for regulatory authorities

    RWE generation, disclosure and publishing

    • Members are: A. Rossi
    • The activity includes the identification of best practices to disclose RWE data, data transparency (including the registration and publication of observational trials) and the levels of evidence.
    • An SBB is under preparation for next congress. 


    • Members: S. Baronikova
    • Updates are under monitoring. As soon as a timeline for updating will be available, this will be shared.

    Medical journalism

    • Members are M. Taichi and A. Whereat.
    • Activities are under identification
    1. Baronikova and B. Doerr, members of the EC, are ensuring the alignment of the MedComm SIG activities with other SIGs and any EMWA activity.

    Get involved:

    As EMWA is an organization of members for members, we look forward to establishing the MedComm SIG programme based on the unmet needs of EMWA members in this field. Therefore, we welcome your suggestions for the topics to be addressed as well as we seek your support based on your know-how and expertise in medical/scientific communication related topics of interest.

    Contact us by writing an email to marked "MedComm SIG" or reach out to any of our active members.