Posted on 08 Jan 2020

Great topic – shame about the slides!

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Title: Great topic – shame about the slides!
Speaker: John Dixon
Summary:We’ve all listened to experts delivering presentations on interesting and relevant topics. However, sometimes a slide appears that is impossible to read in 30 seconds because it’s too busy, text is too small or contrast makes text difficult to see. And what about slides with multiple fonts, font sizes and colours; inconsistent line and paragraph spacing; poorly aligned text and images; arrows piercing text boxes? We are left thinking: ‘Great topic, but it’s a shame the slides were poor’.
As medical communication specialists, whether designing slides for someone else or for our own use, we all want to create easily read and professional-looking slides. Do join us for a discussion about slides. We’ll look at some awful slides, consider some basic principles and admire some nice slides, but this is not a PowerPoint workshop!