Posted on 11 Jun 2020


In June EMWA launches the #EMWATogetherApart Initiative on our EMWA Social Media Channels. We aim to provide a digital platform to the medical communications community where we can share valuable information that helps us during the COVID-19 crisis.

We Honour Our Volunteers

In addition to our #EMWATogetherApart Initiative, we wish to raise awareness of and give credits to all EMWA volunteers. We aim to post a THANK YOU message on our Social Media channels, highlighting individual EMWA volunteers, on a daily basis. We hope to enhance online visibility and strengthen our community spirit. We kindly ask you to support your peers by spreading the word, liking and sharing the provided information under #EMWATogetherApart.

If you are an EMWA volunteer, please send your picture to We will mention the volunteers in the sequence we receive your pictures.