About the EMWA Ambassador's Programme

The Ambassador’s Programme was initiated as part of EMWA’s strategy to raise general awareness about the profession of medical writing and the benefits of joining our organization.

The goal of this programme is to set up a Europe-wide network of experienced EMWA members who are prepared to give presentations in their local areas at university career events, professional training organizations, medical conferences, and at medical communications events.

So far, we have gotten off to a good start. Since October 2017, EMWA Ambassadors have appeared at career events in Berlin, Bucharest, London, Munich, Rome, Reading, Stuttgart, and Zurich with more to come.

On this page, we will be providing updates on all Ambassador presentations, and our impressions of these events.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, or if you have any information on career events in your vicinity, please contact Abe Shevack at aspscientist@gmail.com or EMWA Head Office at info@emwa.org.


Ambassador Program Careers Talks


Date / Location/ Event

Abraham Shevack

19 Oct 2017

National Congress of Clinical (NCCR) Research Bucharest Romania.

Alison Rapley

31 Jan 2018

Biosciences day event

Reading University

Alison Rapley

6 Mar 2018

Interactive workshop and career talk

University College London

Tiziana von Bruchhausen

16 Jan 2018

Training and career talk

Alfa FCM, Rome

Raquel Billiones

1 Feb 2018

Career talk

Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network of ETH/

University of Zurich.

Abraham Shevack

22 Feb 2018

Leibniz-Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP)
PhD Winter School Berlin (Buch)

Tiziana von Bruchhausen

9 Mar 2018

EMWA presentation

Dr Notghi Academy, Berlin

Anne McDonough

18 Apr 2018

Careers Day

Anglia Ruskin University - in Essex UK

Raquel Billiones

17-19 Apr 2018

Medtech conference

Two presentations on MW and medical devices

Stuttgart, Germany.

Beatrix Doerr

19 Apr 2018

Biozentrum der LMU

Planegg-Martinsried (Munich)

John Carpenter

27 June 2018

Spoke with participants

MedComms Event/NetworkPharma Ltd


Raquel Billiones and Abe Shevack

5 July 2018

BioM Network All day workshop /regulatory documents and EMWA

Planegg-Martinsried (Munich)

John Carpenter

13 Sep 2018

MedComms Event, Manchester

Andrea Rossi

2 Oct 2018 ,

Alfa FCM Rome