EMWA is the European Medical Writers Association, a network of professionals that represents, supports and trains medical communicators in Europe. It is a not for profit organisation that is run for its members by its members.

This website offers access to EMWA's journal Medical Writing, as well as our Freelancer and Company listing and our Jobs page advertising vacancies for both freelance and in-house medical writers and editors. If you would like more information about how to sign up to the freelancer or company list, or how to advertise your job vacancies on this website, please contact info@emwa.org.

Introducing the all new ‘EMWA Freelance Benefits Package'

EMWA is pleased to announce a new attractive system for freelance members. Read on for the most important changes.

The current annual fee for the Freelance Directory Listing is €130. From January 2015, this fee will be replaced by a totally new Freelance Benefits Package (FBP), which will be priced at €90 p.a. Concurrent renewal of the general EMWA membership and FBP will be introduced in January 2015. In order to bridge FBP fees from January until your general EMWA membership renewal date, a pro-rata alignment invoice (€8/month) will be issued in January. The sterling billing option for EMWA membership will be expanded to include the FBP fee, starting once both renewal fees are aligned.

The new FBP includes:

a) Freelance directory listing

b) 15% reduced fee for standard and ‘plus’ membership of UK Freelancers Association, IPSE ‘Plus’ includes: free HMRC compliance checks; compensations for failed payments, illness, injury, broken contract, tax compliance meetings, jury service

c) Efforts are ongoing to develop similar deals for other countries

Open to everyone

A number of resources will remain open to all to ensure that the EMWA freelancers remain a dynamic part of the EMWA family, and to encourage inclusivity:

  • Biannual Freelance Business Forum
  • Freelancer Information Point at conference
  • Freelance Resource Centre (FRC) on the EMWA website

GAPP update – still plugging away!

The Global Alliance for Publication Professionals (GAPP) is a small group of individuals who craft rapid responses to inaccurate, misguided, outdated or misleading articles about professional medical writing and publication planning. We strive to support our responses with evidence, rather than anecdote, so encourage our peers and colleagues to contribute to the discussion and literature around the role of publication professionals and publication ethics.

We evaluate tip-offs from our scouts who email article links to contact@gappteam.org. We then decide as a group whether the article merits a response and the general tone, then our lead responder (we take it in turns, 10 weeks at a time) prepares a first draft response for our comments and then a final response based on our feedback.  Fortunately, we all get on, so we don’t have to be too diplomatic in our comments on each other’s drafts!

This year’s responses include:

We’re currently working on a response to a PLoS Medicine blog post and a BMJ article about (lack of) bias in industry trials but with some sloppy discussion points, so watch this space!

So, if you see anything that you think we should be responding to, by all means drop us an email at the address above. We’re always happy to receive referrals!

EMWA Webinars Programme - Registration now closed!

EMWA is glad to announce our series of webinars for medical writers to gain professional development skills and hear about the latest initiatives in the medical writing world.

We will be kicking off the series on the 25th November 2014, 18:00 UK (19:00 CET) with Kathryn White, discussing ‘Efficiency: Make it your business’.

To participate, you only need to register and then connect to our webinars platform on the due date. A recording will be available some days after the event in the Archive session of this page. Nevertheless, we advise you to participate as this will enable you to pose questions and contribute to an active discussion. Email pr@emwa.org with any questions or accessibility concerns.

Check back often to see our other upcoming webinars!

New publication launched, presentation available

EMWA is delighted to share an open-access publication of potential interest to you and your networks.

Hamilton, S, Seiler W, Gertel A. The EMWA Budapest Working Group: A 2-year collaboration to make recommendations for aligning the ICH E3 guidance with current practice and developing clinical study protocol guidance. Medical Writing 2014;23(4):281-288.

This article is available online ahead of print at: http://www.maneyonline.com/doi/full/10.1179/2047480614Z.000000000254
If the link does not work, please copy and paste the entire link into your web browser search window. The pdf is also available for download from the e-version article.
In addition, we are happy to share the presentation given by Sam Hamilton, Walther Seiler and Art Gertel, at the EMWA Autumn Conference in Florence on 07 November 2014: A 2-year collaboration to make recommendations for aligning the ICH E3 guidance with current practice and developing clinical study protocol guidance. Click here to view the presentation.
Please share this OPEN ACCESS PUBLICATION and presentation as widely as possible with your professional networks. Thank you in advance for your kind support in helping to disseminate this article.

Transparency Initiatives Open New Doors for Medical Writers

Report on the 2nd  European Medical Writers Association Symposium in May 2014: Transparency of Clinical Trial Data – Where Does Medical Writing Fit In?

This topical event was the first ever to bring together the European medical writing community and representatives of the European Medicines Agency, pharma industry, EFPIA, and patient interest groups to explore the recent rapid developments in the areas of clinical trial disclosure and clinical trial data transparency, and the implications for medical writers, as those who most often prepare the documentation concerned.

EMWA’s report – downloadable free of charge – summarises the proceedings of the symposium, provides background information, and highlights the latest developments (October 2014) for all stakeholders in the transparency process.

If you are involved in the preparation and reporting of clinical trials and summary documentation for submission to the health authorities, this report is essential to keep abreast of the latest developments and prepare for new legislation to come into force soon.

Click here to display, download and print the report.

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