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Transparency Initiatives Open New Doors for Medical Writers

Report on the 2nd  European Medical Writers Association Symposium in May 2014: Transparency of Clinical Trial Data – Where Does Medical Writing Fit In?

This topical event was the first ever to bring together the European medical writing community and representatives of the European Medicines Agency, pharma industry, EFPIA, and patient interest groups to explore the recent rapid developments in the areas of clinical trial disclosure and clinical trial data transparency, and the implications for medical writers, as those who most often prepare the documentation concerned.

EMWA’s report – downloadable free of charge – summarises the proceedings of the symposium, provides background information, and highlights the latest developments (October 2014) for all stakeholders in the transparency process.

If you are involved in the preparation and reporting of clinical trials and summary documentation for submission to the health authorities, this report is essential to keep abreast of the latest developments and prepare for new legislation to come into force soon.

Click here to display, download and print the report.

Call for agenda items for EMWA Freelance Business Forum

The Freelance Business Forum at the 39th EMWA Conference in Florence, 6–8 November 2014, will be held on Friday 7 November from 17:15–18:45. Spaces at this event are unlimited, but please register if you wish to attend to give us some idea of numbers. Light refreshments will be available before and during the forum.

We are at present putting together the agenda. If any delegates have points that they would like us to put on the agenda, please let us have these as soon as possible.

Mail: Alistair Reeves

Mail: Kathryn White

EMWA's 6th Twitterview – transcript now online

Our sixth twitterview was held on 26 September 2014 with EMWA Vice President Sam Hamilton. She gave us the latest developments on the Budapest Working Group (BWG). The BWG is reviewing the ICH E3 and ICH E6 guidelines in a 2-year project that began at the EMWA 2014 spring conference in Budapest. It comprises experts in ICH E3, ICH E6, protocol and clinical study report templates, and disclosure and transparency.

Read the Twitterview transcript on our social media page.

Best regards,

Julie Chaccour

EMWA Social Media Team

Spaces are filling up at EMWA’s 39th Conference in Florence!

EMWA’s popular autumn events traditionally focus on a full programme of credit workshops and networking events. This year is no different: 28 workshops are on offer, 6 of which are already full, and 12 are nearly full.

For further information and to register please visit the Florence 2014 Conference page by clicking here. For the online conference planner, click here.

Following the success of the Barcelona conference, we are once again offering workshops in four sessions instead of three, together with three key free-of-charge sessions will complement the professional development programme.

This is complemented by the usual programme of informal social events on the Friday evening.

We look forward to welcoming you to Florence!

EMWA Budapest Working Group: ICH E3 and E6 Forensics – a two-year roadmap for alignment with current practices

EMWA has initiated collaboration with many stakeholders, including professional associations, regulators, and key industry participants, to review the ICH E3 and ICH E6 guidelines in a 2-year project that began in May 2014. The EMWA-incepted Budapest Working Group (BWG) comprises experts in ICH E3, ICH E6, protocol and clinical study report templates, and disclosure and transparency. Our strategist is working with partner and stakeholder organisations. With stakeholder involvement from the outset, the aim of this project is to encourage participation amongst all affected parties, to best ensure that the anticipated recommendations address the needs of the broadest possible community, following developments over the 20 intervening years since these guidelines were first issued. Sam Hamilton (EMWA Vice President and BWG Chair) and Art Gertel (EMWA Fellow and BWG member) will present their first publication of the project at the EMWA Conference in Florence on Friday 07 November 2014, 12.45 – 13.20. For more information on the conference visit:

http://www.emwa.org/EMWA/Conferences/EMWA/Conferences/Conference_Overview.aspx .

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