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CORE Reference Open Comments Period Closes at Midnight on the 14th June

The 6-week open comment period on www.core-reference.org ends at midnight (British Summer Time) on 14 June 2016, at which time the comment facility will be disabled. We are delighted to tell you that in the 6 weeks since CORE Reference was launched, there have been over 1100 downloads of CORE Reference, and interest is growing daily.

Remember to support this initiative by telling us if you have adopted use of CORE Reference into your company's working procedures or Standard Operating Procedures via the website www.core-reference.org.

Thank you,

Sam Hamilton,
Chair, CORE Reference Project.

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  • December 2016: Medical Education (deadline December 12)
  • March 2017: Writing Better (deadline January 9)
  • June 2017: Medical Devices (deadline April 10)
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BioMed Central Blog on CORE Reference

BioMed Central has posted ex-EMWA President Sam Hamilton's BioMed Central Guest Blog on 'Safeguarding the privacy of clinical trial patients'. You can read the blog here.

Congratulations to Sam and the CORE Reference team on this newly won publicity for the initiative.

Munich: A report on EMWA's record-breaking conference

The 42nd EMWA conference might have ended but the memories live on. What a record-breaking conference it was! Some 419 participants enjoyed a short stay in picturesque Munich, the main city of Bavaria, Germany. The delegates were mostly drawn from Germany and the UK, but some also came from as far away as Argentina, Australia, China, India, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, the US, Lebanon and Israel! They chose what to attend from a total of 50 workshops—34 at foundation and 16 at advanced level. Of these, 15 workshops were completely full.

At the opening session, Beatrix Dörr, EMWA's PR Officer, gave a great insight into the region with a talk titled Servus Bavaria: The Land of Beer, Crazy Kings and Medical Writers. She was followed by an invited speaker, Stefanie Weber from the Audi Accident Research Unit, who gave a stimulating talk on how it is possible to learn from road accidents by integrating technical, medical and psychological perspectives.

EMWA is always working hard to make the conference experience as rich as possible. New medical writers were particularly well served this year with two new features that look set to become staples at future conferences. The first-ever internship forum attracted over 50 participants and was a matching exercise par excellence. Medical writers seeking internships had the unique opportunity to present themselves to companies open to taking on internees. Allied to this, a new seminar by Philip Leventhal, the Editor-in-Chief of EMWA's Medical Writing journal, imparted many valuable tips in his talk, Getting Your Foot in the Door: How to Build Experience to get a First Medical Writing Job. There was also a stimulating poster session in the exhibition area during the duration of the conference.

For more experienced medical writers there was also an array of offerings to avail of. The six Expert Seminars presented as part of EMWA’s second Expert Seminar Series (ESS) were suited to senior and experienced medical writers. International experts held lectures with either a panel or participant discussion or demonstration on topics including automated authoring systems, building medical writing teams in the Far East and India, and how transparency and disclosure initiatives will impact clinical document structures.

The Symposium Day, entitled Scientific and Medical Communication Today focused on the ever-changing field of medical communications, and the importance of medical writers as medical communicators. Read Amy Whereat's personal impression of this event at the end of this article.

The Pharmacovigilance Special Interest Group (PV SIG) gave an interesting update on where the group now stands. The CORE Reference team also held an open session. Since the CORE Reference launched open access on 03 May 2016, resources are available at the dedicated website: www.core-reference.org. EMWA also launched the Regulatory Public Disclosure SIG (RPD SIG), as a natural follow-up to CORE Reference at the conference.

At the Annual Meeting we said goodbye to outgoing EMWA President Sam Hamilton who drove many initiatives in the course of her time on the Executive Committee. Alison Rapley is the new EMWA President, supported by Abe Shevack as Vice-President. Education Officer Barbara Grossman also stepped down from her role and will be sorely missed. Marian Hodges will step into Barbara's shoes on the EMWA Executive Committee. Slavka Baronikova was re-elected as Conference Director for another two years and we congratulate her on her success.

Of course, EMWA conferences are also about networking, meeting old friends and making new ones. Apart from during the coffee and lunch breaks, the organised events are a great way for delegates to mingle. All of the social events were fully booked. The outdoor events such as the walking tour and bike ride were all a great success, despite the inclement weather. Over 150 people signed up for the Bavarian spring dinner and dance which showcased many elements of Bavarian culture.

Many thanks to everyone who attended—delegates, exhibitors, workshop leaders and invited speakers. You all helped to make Munich 2016 a conference to remember! A special word of thanks is also due to the team at EMWA Head Office who do such great work both behind the scenes and on the front line for every EMWA conference.

Best wishes,
Your EMWA Executive Committee.

Don't miss out on the next EMWA experience! The 43rd EMWA Conference in Brussels, Belgium, will be held from 3-5 November 2016 at The Sheraton Brussels Hotel.


The EMWA Symposium in Munich, a personal perspective

I'd like to congratulate Andreas Rossi, Slavka Baronikova and the organizing committee at EMWA for a sensational symposium. With each speaker, a story unfolded that took us on an intriguing, humorous and emotional journey towards the future of medical communications.

Whether we see ourselves as "medcoms", regulatory writers or translators, I believe many will leave this conference thinking about our readers differently and inspired to go forth and find a way of weaving a story or two into the science we communicate.

Thank you!
Amy Whereat, France.

ICMJE accept EMWA’s comments on their clinical trial data sharing proposals

EMWA’s comments on the ICMJE proposals on clinical trial data sharing, accepted by ICMJE for consideration, are now publicly accessible at: http://www.emwa.org/Documents/EMWA comments-ICMJE proposals-09may16.pdf

Further EMWA contributions to the discussion on this topic can be seen at Retraction Watch (http://retractionwatch.com/2016/01/28/sharing-data-is-a-good-thing-but-we-need-to-consider-the-costs/), on EMWA’s LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/grp/post/2717752-6102832116159049732) and on the LinkedIn page of ‘The Publication Plan’ group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1886265/1886265-6130063859827957764).