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Writing Tips webinar now viewable on EMWA's YouTube channel

EMWA is pleased to announce that the recent webinar Writing Tips by Amy Whereat has become the third publically available EMWA video on the EMWA YouTube channel. Please feel free to share the link with colleagues and other interested parties to help spread the word about medical writing and the resources that EMWA can offer. EMWA members have exclusive access to all webinars as well as archived recordings.

Click to view the webinar on YouTube:

About the recording

In this webinar, Amy will show you how to build a manuscript section by section and discuss linguistic topics for each part. Participants will learn how to use guidelines to their advantage, and improve written skills in English such as sentence building, introductory phrases and link words, comparing and contrasting, as well as debunking some `language myths’. The webinar also includes an interactive section with examples for practice.

Registration is open for the CORE Reference webinar: A Medical Writer's Guide to Preparing CSRs in an Evolving Context

Aaron Bernstein - Budapest Working Group
Wednesday 27th July 2016, 19:00 CEST (18:00 BST)
This webinar will introduce CORE Reference, a new and valuable resource that provides interpretational guidance of the ICH E3 guideline designed to assist medical writers as they prepare compliant clinical study reports for today’s complex clinical trials environment.
Register via www.emwa.org/webinars. The webinar is hosted by the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA): While you do not need to be an AMWA member, you will need to create an AMWA website account (without cost) in order to register.

Check Out New Content On The CORE Reference Website
www.core-reference.org includes new ‘must-see’ updated content:

1. Comments from the ‘6-week open comment period’, and our responses to those comments are posted here: www.core-reference.org/comments-and-responses/

2. The growing list of companies telling us they have adopted the use of CORE Reference, or otherwise declaring their support are posted here: www.core-reference.org/adoption-and-use/

Over 1760 unique downloads of CORE Reference have been made in the 10 weeks since CORE Reference was launched. We now need you to tell us how far you have gone in adopting its use via the dedicated page: www.core-reference.org/adoption-and-use/.

Thank you for your help.
Dr Sam Hamilton  
Chair, CORE Reference

Interested in contributing to EMWA's journal?

Here are the themes and deadlines for upcoming issues of Medical Writing:

  • September 2016: Statistics (article deadline June 12, sections deadline July 18)
  • December 2016: Medical Education (article deadlinSeptember 12, sections deadline October 10)
  • March 2017: Writing Better (articles deadline December 12, sections deadline January 9)
  • June 2017: Medical Devices (deadline April 10)
If you would like to contribute to any of these upcoming issues, please contact mew@emwa.org in the first instance with your article idea. Don't forget to check out the Instructions for Authors section on the Medical Writing website.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

CORE Reference Open Comments Period Closes at Midnight on the 14th June

The 6-week open comment period on www.core-reference.org ends at midnight (British Summer Time) on 14 June 2016, at which time the comment facility will be disabled. We are delighted to tell you that in the 6 weeks since CORE Reference was launched, there have been over 1100 downloads of CORE Reference, and interest is growing daily.

Remember to support this initiative by telling us if you have adopted use of CORE Reference into your company's working procedures or Standard Operating Procedures via the website www.core-reference.org.

Thank you,

Sam Hamilton,
Chair, CORE Reference Project.

BioMed Central Blog on CORE Reference

BioMed Central has posted ex-EMWA President Sam Hamilton's BioMed Central Guest Blog on 'Safeguarding the privacy of clinical trial patients'. You can read the blog here.

Congratulations to Sam and the CORE Reference team on this newly won publicity for the initiative.