EMWA is the European Medical Writers Association, a network of professionals that represents, supports and trains medical communicators in Europe. It is a not for profit organisation that is run for its members by its members.

This website offers access to EMWA's journal Medical Writing, as well as our Freelancer and Company listing and our Jobs page advertising vacancies for both freelance and in-house medical writers and editors. If you would like more information about how to sign up to the freelancer or company list, or how to advertise your job vacancies on this website, please contact info@emwa.org.

39th EMWA Conference - Florence 2014

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 39th EMWA Conference which will be held at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, Florence, Italy from 6th - 8th November 2014.

For further information and to register please visit the Florence 2014 Conference page by clicking here.

Master of Science in Medical Writing 2015

The Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria, is pleased to announce that the Master of Science in Medical Writing will launch for a second run in February 2015.

Please click here for more information

EMWA Budapest Working Group: ICH E3 and E6 Forensics – a two-year roadmap for alignment with current practices

EMWA has initiated collaboration with many stakeholders, including professional associations, regulators, and key industry participants, to review the ICH E3 and ICH E6 guidelines in a 2-year project that began in May 2014. The EMWA-incepted Budapest Working Group (BWG) comprises experts in ICH E3, ICH E6, protocol and clinical study report templates, and disclosure and transparency. Our strategist is working with partner and stakeholder organisations. With stakeholder involvement from the outset, the aim of this project is to encourage participation amongst all affected parties, to best ensure that the anticipated recommendations address the needs of the broadest possible community, following developments over the 20 intervening years since these guidelines were first issued. Sam Hamilton (EMWA Vice President and BWG Chair) and Art Gertel (EMWA Fellow and BWG member) will present their first publication of the project at the EMWA Conference in Florence on Friday 07 November 2014, 12.45 – 13.20. For more information on the conference visit:

http://www.emwa.org/EMWA/Conferences/EMWA/Conferences/Conference_Overview.aspx .

Please forward this information to your contacts.

Budapest Working Group 2014 Sam Hamilton, All Rights Reserved.

Serious Issue

Dear EMWA members

It has come to EMWA’s attention that a recruitment agency has been using the EMWA name to obtain the contact details of recruitment targets.

Please be assured that EMWA has not authorised these contacts and does not authorise recruitment agencies to claim to represent EMWA under any circumstances. EMWA regards this agency’s use of EMWA as cover for recruitment targeting as immoral and fraudulent.

EMWA is now pursuing the matter with the recruitment agency concerned. If you have been contacted in this way, please let EMWA HO know at info@emwa.org. Your information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Sarah Choudhury

Honorary Secretary

EMWA is pleased to announce the launch of the Geoff Hall Scholarship Award 2014 and the Nick Thompson Fellowship Award 2014.

The Geoff Hall Scholarship is aimed at new medical writers, who intend to enter the profession or have been employed for no longer than one year as a professional medical writer, including freelance work and need not be current members of EMWA. For more information, please click here. The deadline for this year's award is 31 October 2014.

The Nick Thompson Fellowship Award recognises service to EMWA above and beyond what would normally be expected of members or those who hold or have held elected offices. Click here for more information. Although an EMWA member can be nominated at any time, the deadline for this year is 1 October 2014.

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