EMWA Webinars Programme 2015

The European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) is happy to announce our 2015 series of webinars for medical writers to gain professional development skills and hear about the latest initiatives in the medical writing world.

To participate, you only need to register and then connect to our webinars platform on the due date. A recording will be available shortly after the event in the Archive section of this page. Nevertheless, we advise you to participate as this will enable you to pose questions and contribute to an active discussion. Email pr@emwa.org with any questions or accessibility concerns.

Note: whereas every effort has been made to ensure an appropriate Internet connection to run EMWA webinars, it is not possible to provide a 100% stable connection. If for any reason, the presentation is required to be cancelled by the organizer, a notification email will be sent as soon as possible.

For a description of each webinar, please see below:

Webinars program 2015:


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15 January 2015
17:00 UK (18:00 CET)

Introduction to medical writing

This webinar is aimed at those considering a career in medical writing. It is open to EMWA members and non-members. It will also be interesting for those who have recently joined the profession and who would like to know more.

Max. 100 places

Helen Baldwin

Registration closed

This webinar was booked out in record time!

A recording of the webinar is available in the archive section.

4 February
15:00 UK (16:00 CET)

Patient registries as a source of medical information

This webinar, based on real-life examples, discusses the basic differences between experimental studies and patient registries, and provides hints on how the data from patient registries should be presented. It also addresses the main problems relating to writing manuscripts based on patient registry data, and teaches how to avoid over-interpretation of the study results.

Max. 100 places

Maria Kołtowska-Haggstrom

Registration closed

A recording of the webinar is available in the archive section.

26 February 2015, 17:00 UK (18:00 CET)

Efficiency: Make it your business

This webinar is primarily for freelance medical writers who have to juggle client demands with those of their business. Many freelancers struggle to find time to manage their personal and business needs whilst meeting client demands and deadlines. This webinar will introduce and explore the concepts of working ‘on your business’ as well as ‘in your business’, describing processes, systems and practices which may be implemented to help freelancers manage their business more efficiently while managing their clients more effectively.

Max. 100 places

Kathryn White

Registration closed

A recording of the webinar is available in the archive section.

29th April at 14:00 CET

Medical writing tips that will change your texts in English

This webinar is specifically for non-native English speakers who are asked to write medical texts in English; tips and tricks to improve texts will be provided.

Max. 100 places

Amy Whereat

Registration closed

A recording of the webinar is available in the archive section.

25th June 2015 at 18.00 CET (17.00 UK)

What you always wanted to know about medical writing - but never dared to ask

This webinar is aimed at those who have recently joined the profession, but still have a myriad of questions on how to get established or advance their careers. Register and then send your questions to pr@emwa.org.

The presenter will tailor the webinar to answer your questions. Please send your questions by 15 June 2015 at the latest. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar.

Here are a few example questions that we plan to answer during the webinar:

What sort of documents do medical writers work on?

What is the difference between regulatory writing and medical communications?

What training is available for medical writers?

What resources and guidelines are available?

What are my career options for the future?

Max. 100 places

Helen Baldwin

Registration closed


A recording of the webinar is available in the archive section.


Summer break

16th October ‘15
14:00 UK
15:00 CET

Your professional association: A great way to expand your skills and advance your career

This webinar highlights the reasons for joining professional associations and the career advantages of membership. It will help you get the most out of your EMWA membership!

Max. 100 places

Laura C Collada Ali

Registration closed


A recording of the webinar is available in the archive section.


11th December 2015 4:00 PM CET (3:00 PM UK time)

Writing patient information and informed consent forms for medical devices

This webinar is intended for people who would like to start a medical writing career in medical devices. It gives practical step-by-step guidance on how to write a patient information and informed consent form (syn. patient information, informed consent form)

Max. 100 places

Beatrix Doerr

Registration closed


A recording of the webinar is available in the archive section.


15th December 2015 4:00 PM CET (3:00 PM UK-time)

Quality by Design in Clinical Trial Protocol Writing

This webinar discusses how medical writers can contribute to clinical research quality by including quality definition and objective setting in the design stages. Using the ‘fit for purpose’ definition of quality used by, among others, the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative, the protocol can play a fundamental role in prioritizing the data needed to answer a research question and planning the quality goals that are appropriate. Designing quality into the clinical trial can also contribute to reducing the burden of research on patients and investigators (and the cost generally) by focusing on the procedures and factors that are critical to quality and reducing the amount of unused data that are collected.


Max. 100 places

Patrick Bohan            

Registration closed


A recording of the webinar is available in the archive section.


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