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Dr. Françoise Bonnici PhD


+33(0) 296733303

4 chemin de Bellevue
FR-22520 BINIC

Skills And Services Offered:

Medical and scientific writing:

Writing in English or in French of different types of scientific documents :

Clinical Study Reports (ICH3 guideline) : IciBio writes CSR in the ICH E3 format according to the sponsor template, using information of the protocol, statistical analysis plan, safety reports, data statistical analyses.

Scientific and medical communications: IciBio writes manuscripts for international publications, oral presentations, slides, posters, abstracts, proceedings of scientific and/or medical meetings

Information search / patent analysis

Subscribing to international databases, via STN (articles, patents, sequences) or Questel (patents) providers, my expertise in biology allows me to focus the search strategy most precisely. Sequence (nucleic acids, proteins) searches are possible.

Literature review

Analysis and synthesis of the literature in any biological/medical area.
Translation English/ French


With a PhD in molecular biology, I am at ease with most biological/medical/pharmaceutical/cosmetic areas.
However, I am most particularly experienced in the following fields:
- Microbiology and virology, infectious diseases
- Biological diagnosis (molecular or immuno-diagnosis)
- Molecular biology techniques (nucleic acid amplification, DNA chips, cloning, sequencing, RNA expression)
- Enzymology (protein purification, expression and stabilization, enzymatic tests)
I already wrote documents regarding the following areas: antibiotherapy, Parkinson, hypertension, immunisation, contraception, diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, epilepsy, probiotics, incontinence, pain management, medical device, heart valve, etc….

Other Information:

With a 19-year experience as a freelancer, I am able to provide with clearly written documents, rapid analyses of scientific information, and focused information searches.