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Dr. Charlotte Waterworth

Dr Charlotte Waterworth, BSc (Hons), PhD


7 Culver Gardens
EX10 8UA
United Kingdom

Skills And Services Offered:

Having worked in traditional medical communications, healthcare advertising, investment research and journalism, I’m able to offer a diverse range of skills and services, including:

• Playbooks
• Physician leave pieces
• Sales aids
• Detail aids
• Patient information leaflets
• Sales scripts
• Websites
• Video scripts
• Slide decks
• Manuscripts
• Websites
• Digital materials
• Advisory board meetings
• KOL biographies
• Abstracts
• PowerPoint presentations
• Posters
• Post-conference summaries
• Overnight conference reporting
• Expert interviews
• Articles for the trade press
• Press releases
• White papers
• Newsletters
• Magazine development and management


I am comfortable working on most therapy areas, but I have the most experience in:

• Ophthalmology (cataract surgery, glaucoma, presbyopia, keratoconus, dry eye)
• Cardiovascular disease (cardiac ablation, anticoagulants)
• Oncology (breakthrough cancer pain myelodysplastic syndrome, stem cell mobilization)
• Inherited/rare diseases (haemophilia, Fabry disease, Von Willebrand’s disease)
• Neurology (multiple sclerosis, epilepsy).
Other areas of expertise include: gene therapy, veterinary medicine, oral health, ADHD, nutrition, and depression & anxiety.

Other Information:

Over 17 years of experience in medical communications and healthcare advertising.

My aim is help you communicate the benefits of your product, service or healthcare solution to physicians and their patients, in order to enhance clinical and quality of life outcomes.

I work with numerous organisations and individuals, including: pharmaceutical and medical device companies, health systems, physicians, healthcare advertising agencies and medical communication agencies.