The EMWA Freelance Benefits Package

The current annual fee for the Freelance Benefits Package (FBP) is €90 per annum. Concurrent renewal of the general EMWA membership and FBP was introduced in January 2015.

The FBP includes:

a) Freelance directory listing

b) 15% reduced fee for standard and ‘plus’ membership of UK Freelancers Association, IPSE ‘Plus’ includes: free HMRC compliance checks; compensations for failed payments, illness, injury, broken contract, tax compliance meetings, jury service

c) Efforts are ongoing to develop similar deals for other countries

Open to everyone

A number of resources will remain open to all to ensure that the EMWA freelancers remain a dynamic part of the EMWA family, and to encourage inclusivity:

  • Biannual Freelance Business Forum
  • Freelancer Information Point at conference
  • Freelance Resource Centre (FRC) on the EMWA website

Don't forget to check out the general EMWA member benefits and current member offers available to all EMWA members.