Random Musings

Homeopathy redux: For so few Euros less

Since I last commented in this forum (see EMWA Webeditorials, Exacerbated Antipathies, things have moved along in France — to the detriment of homeopathy and users of homeopathic pharmaceuticals...

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CME ritualised: The Good, the Bad, and the Unendurable Bore

Does every teacher inspire?

Jack Aslanian on the tedium of the artless lecturer.

Lexicoplasty: The last word but mine

Is a word not in a dictionary a word?

Jack Aslanian muses about the life and death of words in this thought-provoking piece.

RidiculAds: Job Offers You Can Refuse!

In this scathing but funny piece, Stephen Gilliver wonders about some of the writing jobs that are posted, and the writers who accept them...
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